Colour Difference Between Colorbond’s “Monument” and “Monument Matt”

On Monday I put some guttering up on a new build for the Gold Coast Roofing Company, Brastin Roofing and I was told I was the first to put up the new fascia, gutter and roof colour called “Monument Matt” in Queensland, it’s a new colour from Colorbond (it maybe in other States under a different name, not sure). The house we done is situated in the township of Fernvale, Queensland.  Unfortunately, it started raining quite heavily and I only got the first half of the house done and had to finish it off on Tuesday.

Both of the days were dull overcast days, it looked very much like the colour “Monument” I would like to see it on a sunny day as I think that would make a big difference to the effect of it. I have taken some photos below of the job I done and some samples of the 2 different colours for you to compare. If you would like this colour for your guttering let me know by following this link to the “contact us” page

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