Putting up gutter with the new spacers introduced by QBCC

Now in Queensland with any new build there are new rules to how the gutter is installed. The new QBCC Guidelines say we now have to put spacers in-between the metal or timber fascia and gutter of 3-5mm to allow for the 1 in 100 super storm of water volume

 This is to keep the gutter off the fascia so that if the drains block up and the gutter overflows it can go over the back between the fascia but not over it into the ceiling space or the gutter eves. this is all calculated by length of roof sheets, roof area, number of down Pipes, size of down pipes, size of gutter, size of the overflow slots on the front, also type of gutter etc.

how to

So after the fascia is up completely I stick on a few spring clips (about 4m apart) then roughly click the gutter on to the fascia

From there I place in the gutter the spacers (at equal distance apart) no more than 900mm apart. I then proceed to clip the spacers over the back of the gutter

Then put the rest of the spring clips over the top of the spacers and adjust to get the correct fall (1mm fall over 500mm of length) now I take off the first spring clips and slide in the spacers and re clip on the clips

I place the over straps in the gutter at the same place as the spacers and put them on

Cut the downpipe holes in, silicone it all up then move on to another section