New Gutter Installation Ipswich

This is the main type of guttering I had been doing up till the end of 2016.  95% of the time we get a job done in one day. We subcontracted mainly to Roofing Companies, who contract to Builders to get their roofs put on (I contract directly to Builders also).

It’s much easier to work on new houses most of the time because usually nothing gets in the way. Apart from the odd tree and other houses (due to being built so close together these days).

The high sets (2 story houses) always have scaffold up so you can operate safely.

"Roof extensions" also fall into this category as they are newly built onto the old. Matching fascia and gutter onto the old is important for looks if possible.

It’s a very straight forward process on these houses as well, generally goes like this;

  • Setting up
  • Sort the guttering out
  • Put some Batons on if needed
  • Side fix brackets
  • Fascia and corners up
  • Spring clips
  • Gutter on
  • Spacers
  • Overstraps
  • Silicone
  • Temporary downpipe
  • Pack up
    The problems I have with new builds are some builders are reluctant to get scaffold on low sets in places where it needs it like over retaining walls where its more th

    an a 3m fall all to save a few dollars.

    The other good thing about new builds (for me) is you usually get home nice and early not too long after lunch unless you must go to a second job.

    So if anyone is building a new home or extending their existing house give me (Brian) a call on  0401 008 134